Do Head Gasket Sealers Actually Work (FULL 2yr TEST with Engine Teardown) 

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Replacing a Head Gasket can be difficult and expensive. Sometimes your car is not worth fixing and this is where a head gasket sealer in a bottle comes in handy. Do these head gasket sealers actually work? How long do they last? How do they work? What does a bad head gasket look like? Do head gasket sealers clog radiators?

In this video I show you how to use a head gasket sealer to repair the head gasket and test it for 2yrs and 10,000 miles. I then tear down the engine and show you how the headgasket failed, how the sealer worked, and if the radiator got clogged up with sealer.

PEAK OET Antifreeze: ebay.us/H3GsqO
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Oct 18, 2021




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ChrisFix Month ago
So it was brought to my attention that my house phone number is on the oil analysis sheet. I am waiting for UStotal to blur it so in the meantime, please dont call it...
Ratul Rahman
Ratul Rahman 24 days ago
Most people would have not noticed it if you haven't pointed it out
Daniyal Ahmed
Daniyal Ahmed Month ago
Love you Chris Love from GAMERO GAMING ❤️
True Panda
True Panda Month ago
Should have blurred the reflection off the blue car kinda well kinda say what the new one is 😝
Ethan Keefer
Ethan Keefer Month ago
Great Scott
Josh L
Josh L Month ago
What I noticed on there is that your address is the same address as Marty McFly in Back to the Future 😳😳 When are you gonna work on the Dalorean?
RR 38 Videos
RR 38 Videos 19 minutes ago
Heelo ChrisFix I am a 12 year old I love your videos since u used to flim with the pt cruiser and telling how to restore headlights u have come such a long way and u still like our comments . You are the only youtuber who does this Thanks
Jeremy Tonucci
Jeremy Tonucci 8 hours ago
I know head gasket repairs are never cheap but that price seemed pretty high. Wouldn’t a more mainstream car be a lot cheaper than a Jaguar?
Blank Dude
Blank Dude 10 hours ago
I went 50k on a blown headgasket - 04 jeep liberty 3.7l - i used barrs headgasket repair. Definitely worked for me.
cj jorge
cj jorge 10 hours ago
and check your heater core to you might have a wet passenger floor i did on a 2000 town car
ebo m
ebo m 15 hours ago
Can i I use this if my ac/heat doesn’t work?
Canadian Whitey
Canadian Whitey 19 hours ago
I like the McFly address though!! Huge fan of back to the future
JP L 21 hour ago
Great work! Thank you. My bottle of the same head seal is scheduled for delivery today.
Connor A
Connor A Day ago
Would it be bad to drive the car with the headgasket sealer in it for a month or so, and then flush the cooling system to get rid of the residual fibers and sludge from the headgasket sealer?
clomputech Day ago
This is by far the best and most informative video about this kind of issues. The detailed information, the dedication, the time to cover every detail was just amazing.
Engineer Gaming
Lee Lee
Lee Lee Day ago
chyyyna virus.. chyyyna virus chris
Cayden Gordon
I know what cylinder head is displayed behind the products. 2v ford 4.6 cylinder head. My guess is out of a mustang??
Soten Meitei
Soten Meitei Day ago
Hi Chris, new subscriber here from India. I've a suzuki 1.4 litre 4 cylinder gasoline car with coolant leaking issue. Mechanic showed water popping like a mini fountain from 2 of the 4 cylinders, indicating coolant seepage and thereby cracked gasket . However I drove about 500km (~310 miles) with only couple of stopovers to top up coolant( wasn't even half empty). I therefore think the leak is very small and am planning to order kseal from the US. They dont sell sealants in India(haven't found anything online). Do u think it's a good idea?
Northwest Railfan
Area code 248 is actually Michigan not New Jersey.
Daniel Amplo
Daniel Amplo 2 days ago
To my knowledge, I wouldn’t use it if you have a Chevy equinox cuz I used it and it only lasted like a month or two
Evan Stafford
Evan Stafford 2 days ago
where’s all the subie boys at?
lilrich1243 2 days ago
ChrisFix and ProjectFarm need to do a collaboration
YAD PANDHER 2 days ago
Waoo, this guy worked hard for this video. Thank you
Donald Baker
Donald Baker 2 days ago
Great video 👍
Donald Baker
Donald Baker 2 days ago
2000 Chevy impala 3.8 I had excellent luck with blue devil 👍
Lord Chungus
Lord Chungus 2 days ago
This some dedication for a video
Ian Frost
Ian Frost 2 days ago
Here in the UK I used the K seal on a rover 25 with a 1.8 k series engine. I got another 2 years out of mine. My symptoms was a little misfire just above idle and losing coolant. But ran good for the 2 years
fleamarketmutt 2 days ago
I've got oil leak at head gasket corner of 305 engine closest to driver seat
PB Muriçoca
PB Muriçoca 2 days ago
Its a viper, i could see trought the blue masserati paint
Franky Bimbo
Franky Bimbo 2 days ago
Blue devil is the best
Abg Raiz L0LoQ
Abg Raiz L0LoQ 2 days ago
Just wondering.. can we fill it up with the head gasket sealer again to attempt to patch it up for the 2nd time?
Ytry Gaming
Ytry Gaming 3 days ago
This video is God tier! Amazing job and amazing video!! 🔥🙌🏼
ThinkPad22 3 days ago
I stand behind Blue Devil daily drove a 2003 Pontiac Montana with the 3.4L V6 with over 100,000 miles and it was far to expensive to do a head gasket job on, the mechanic we went through suggested blue devil it just now after three years has finally quit working, but the fact that we we're able to keep the vehicle going for that long shows that this stuff works and can kept it chugging for a few more years RIP Silver Bullet you'll be missed. 💟💔
Jito463 3 days ago
We (mainly my friend, I just assisted) did this on my '93 pickup truck after it blew out all the radiator fluid on the interstate. Took a bit of work, and it did clog up the radiator (mainly because we had to pour the sealant straight into it), but thankfully we were able to unclog the radiator before trying to drive it. It ran for probably 7-8 months before the fuel pump gave out on me. Not giving up on it - and eventually I plan to rebuild or replace the engine - this was just meant as a temporary fix to keep it running, which it did as intended. The sealants do work, but no one should consider them a long term fix by any stretch of the imagination. Regardless, thanks for this video. It's interesting to see an in depth view of how they're actually working.
Mrs. Clark
Mrs. Clark 3 days ago
Your awesome
dean woolston
dean woolston 3 days ago
Some of these head gasket sealers, recommend flushing the system with water, and not putting in the antifreeze, until the leaks is fixed. Just fill the system with water, and later add the antifreeze. Also they recommend removing the thermostat before you add the sealant.
P.A. Jacobs
P.A. Jacobs 3 days ago
You need to flush and change the anti freeze before adding said head gasket sealer.
Adam Cunningham
Adam Cunningham 3 days ago
I haven't watched the video yet but blue devil worked for me
Bryan B
Bryan B 3 days ago
i want all my cylinders to look like the left one... 15 min used ~ 2 gallons of fluid.... 4 gallons for my commute!
Chad Lee
Chad Lee 3 days ago
Awesome. First time I've actually seen real results!
Billy Barrow
Billy Barrow 3 days ago
Should you do a coolant flush as well with the oil change?
choko boko
choko boko 3 days ago
Interesting video, and the helmet is cool! :-))
JaxRwld 3 days ago
I had a 2011 Mazda 2 with 128k miles blow a head gasket. Tried the Blue Devil sealer Twice but it didn't work. I was so disappointed, mostly for the fact a Mazda should not blow a head gasket that young when taking care of the engine. Another thing is the Mazda 2's transmission fluid is cooled by the engine coolant as well. So when the gasket blew, bad coolant got into the transmission fluid and all into the transmission. I was pissed to learn that. No more Mazda's for me unless they ever fix that.
Nathan Otto
Nathan Otto 3 days ago
I have blown head gasket and followed the directions using steel seal. I flushed the coolant system and added the approved coolant and sealant and then drove on the freeway for 5-6 miles and let the car sit overnight. Next morning it turns over but won’t start. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance
matts956 3 days ago
So I just did this yesterday and so far so good, needed to top off this morning with a few ounces of coolant. However now I am experiencing a lot of jerking or misfire while driving at a steady speed. Once I get the rpms going it clears up. Any ideas?
Hipidips 3 days ago
Oh, maan i hate selling my Cadillac for cheap now :(
Paul Boudreau
Paul Boudreau 3 days ago
Are you seriously driving around with your helmet in a jaguar I don't think you're in that kind of danger you should be fine without a helmet
Paul Boudreau
Paul Boudreau 3 days ago
The green bottle here in Canada is called fiberlock I have used it it works very well
Mohammed Alibrahim
Should I let it come to operating temperature while the cap is open to look for bubbles? Or would it just bubble from the beginning?
Forest Anderson
Forest Anderson 4 days ago
I used Blue Devil in my 2001 Subaru it lasted for a year, then I overheated and overworked the engine my fault
Markimusprime56 !
It’s a degas bottle 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ and you literally have as many views as you do..
F D 4 days ago
That’s excellent. Next level inspection!!! Chris I have a tiny leak coming from what I think is the head gasket passenger side on a Jeep wj. I checked the oil it’s super clean but I have lost about 1 qt of oil since the last oil change. A recommendation would be most appreciated. Many thanks as always.
FrankiePintado 4 days ago
I've used blue devil successfully.
Fred Luce
Fred Luce 4 days ago
Nice job on the video. Great information. Don't forget to keep that blinker fluid topped off.
Juan 4 days ago
Bought a cheap 97 4.2 F150, had a present oil and coolant leak, checked out liquid sealants- bought Blue Devil /Coolant system flush for new coolant to be added. Read and followed directions for the can and checked out a couple suggested videos. EVEN while using the truck for an emergency call - I didn’t let the sealer sit for the 24+ hours, and I expected it to fail because of my own fault but 17k miles since application and leak FREE
12345678961808 4 days ago
05 Camry , hoses blew , radiator shot , test failed for gases in coolant , flushed the crap out of it , used a flush additive, plus many cycles of water , poured bars head gasket , new coolant n this sun of a gun is goin on 3 years n like 40,000 miles (stacking miles like crazy since I started doing doordash) , I also travel across the county in June
Danny Miller
Danny Miller 4 days ago
You should’ve rebuilt the jaguar😔
Trendnwin 4 days ago
Wow that is commitment to your work Sir! Awesome video and great content!
Elias 4 days ago
I used the most expensive one at oriellys on an old allis charmers diesel in a forklift it was pissing a stream of water still going 3 years later it’s crazy
Jeff Leach
Jeff Leach 4 days ago
Dudes a beast!
Spencer Lemm
Spencer Lemm 4 days ago
Hey Chris, I recently purchased my grandpa's truck (99 ford ranger 3.0 v6) after he passed. I took it to the shop to get it checked out. I knew it was leaking oil so I asked them to find out where. They indicated it was the Cylinder Head Gasket that is leaking. I have had this with the covers but does this seem accurate?
Ragtop rocker
Ragtop rocker 4 days ago
This guy has my respect! Excellent process, excellent commitment and fantastic video here. I have a 1999 Subaru and I suspect my head is warped. I'm going to try this temporary fix to see if I can drive it until the license plates expire and then sell it for scrap. Thanks from Denver!
Rocket Small
Rocket Small 6 hours ago
all subies headgasket needs replacement at 180k miles. unless u read the manual. 1 never close oil cap tight. 2 use coolant conditioner by subie. 3 is 2 late if u didnt follow directions
Sammy D
Sammy D 4 days ago
You are talking shit that it overheated. The needle didn't go past half way
Sammy D
Sammy D 4 days ago
So you can't sell your car and tell them the head gasket is gone
R 5 days ago
Excellent , well done Chris
pencho gava
pencho gava 5 days ago
I just watched your video of buying this car and tips how to make sure the engine is in proper condition. Going through a check list, you concluded that there are no issues with the head gasket and so on. Now you are treating the same car for blown head gasket.... interesting
ddrjay 5 days ago
This video started in the "before times". Oh how I took those times for granted 😭
matts956 5 days ago
Going to try this in the morning!
ESF19791111 5 days ago
Mike oxbig
Mike oxbig 5 days ago
I used kseal the blue bottle and I should have used 2 but I only used one and it worked for the rest of the time that I had the vehicle
shazib 5 days ago
hats of to you chris, I love your dedication in making such valuable videos!
Sarat C
Sarat C 5 days ago
Chris: won’t do a head gasket job Also Chris: *strips an entire parts car and replaces all the bad components and sells the good parts on craigslist*
Chris M.
Chris M. 5 days ago
This was a damn good analysis, I watched it twice!. **Blur out Your personal info on that answer from the lab!**
Lee Wilkerson
Lee Wilkerson 5 days ago
Bwahahahahaha. You just paid half the price of that bottle of 50/50 for a half gallon of water. Always buy concentrate and add water to 50/50.
Bruce Bonkowski
Bruce Bonkowski 5 days ago
Did you ever use alum-seal
Devin Aubert
Devin Aubert 5 days ago
This is sheer dedication. Good job.
diecast ben
diecast ben 5 days ago
Head gasket and block repair!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Y'all easy to convince
label1877 5 days ago
Best car repair video ever.
moonlight'shadow 5 days ago
6,000$ in labor?!?!?! Do they get paid 1,000$ an hour? Or just take 273 hours to get it done?? That's expensive
Wayne Geordiesdad
Maybe you've answered this already and if so I apologize but the warped head caused the leak/overheating but any speculation on what caused the original warping of the the head?.....a leak not dealt with maybe? Cheers from Canada North from an old mechanic
David Ford
David Ford 5 days ago
I think I have a plenum gasket leak on my 96 Dodge ram 1500 with 76k original miles
Dkaun5 5 days ago
I personally think the new car is a viper or a c5 vette might be wrong tho 🤔🤔
MrTheBigNoze 5 days ago
This is awesome Chris! Real life application and data to verify the sealer claims! I recently purchased a subaru with the 2.5 so head gaskets have been on my mind recently.
Good job Mcfly 👍👍👍👍
stu baker
stu baker 6 days ago
THANKS11 Good demo/work
Jagueyes1 6 days ago
I've used all but the one you used. Kseal lasted longest on my Chevy 6.0 Only about 3 months then again another 3 months and no effect after that.. Blue Devil lasted maybe 1 month. It was the second l used. The green lasted 2 months. I drove it about 15,000 more miles using all 3. Put it to rest at 250K mi. Hadn't it been for a blown hose and it overheating I'd still be driving it.
Mac Gyver
Mac Gyver 6 days ago
My grandfather once had this box of balls that you drop into the spark plug hole and when they heat up they seal bad rings, or so they claimed...
keeranimal8 6 days ago
Bro I never really put too much stock or thought into these liquid head gasket repairs til back in 2013 my buddy called saying he threw the water pump in his 1998 Grand Cherokee 4x4…I spent a couple nights after work driving the 25 miles out to it in his work parking lot to swap it out, and when he fired it up it blew the damned coolant into my face. Told him he had a blown HG and he wanted a second opinion. We towed it back to a shop closer to home where they confirmed my findings. He then just signed the truck over to me (had a motor for it and wanted a 4x4 to kick around for fun). Tossed some Blue Devil into it for the 15 minute drive home…well…that damned Jeep drove 8 more years and 120k more miles (long range commutes, missing after I lifted it, etc)for me almost flawlessly!! I sold it a few months ago for a few hundred bucks and told the guy all this…he just texted me recently and said it still runs for his daughter as a daily driver to school (he has a motor for it as well, but hasn’t put it in cause it’s still running). It’s almost like a game show of “When will it die??” Not sure if it’s more due to the Jeep or the Blue Devil, but either way it shocked me!!
Jacob Forshee
Jacob Forshee 6 days ago
how you know it was two years ago "5 million subscribers"
Arturo Romero
Arturo Romero 6 days ago
Hi i need help new to this.... Been working on my car and i noticed that it does not look like it has a headgasket so i was wondering of i can just install the blue devil fluid? Or what do i have to t Do? Trying to safe money here. Cool videos. Just a noob here. Thanks and god bless.
Fiddler 181
Fiddler 181 6 days ago
You are the Man!
TRiP ELEVEN 6 days ago
I used the K-Seal for my 04 Grand Am with 190k miles. It worked great and I REALLY beat on that car and it withheld ALL OF IT! It doesn’t mess around! It does work but only if it lightly cracked if you’re having big problems do the proper repair😁
Justin Daigneault
your vids are very good
Justin Daigneault
Thats good news for owners not so good for buyers
Colin Calvert
Colin Calvert 6 days ago
I have an 85 Toyota pickup 22r. The head was blown when I bought it, the dude apparently put K-seal in the coolant and when I flushed it, the overheating problems began to arise. I decided to try another bottle instead of tearing apart the head and its been over a year and its still running and driving fine today! Though now I can see some froth in the oil cap, so it's probably about time to do the real repair :(
ruvim vasilchuk
ruvim vasilchuk 6 days ago
This is great
Nick Gonzalez
Nick Gonzalez 6 days ago
Amazing video!!! Chris is the best
Gurn Blanstein
Gurn Blanstein 6 days ago
I used it one time and it did work for almost a year. But honestly the process time wise took longer than just to do a head gasket lol. Less labor intensive but more time considering the wait times.
Salman Karam
Salman Karam 6 days ago
Viper 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🤣
grendelprime 6 days ago
Very appropriate for me, my local dealer just replaced the hoses to me heater core and it now does not run, blown head gasket, quoted me 3.8K for the repair. :(
Alamo X
Alamo X 6 days ago
dude, amazing video, great commitment, rarely see videos as usefull as yours, cheers
Jim Schuyler
Jim Schuyler 6 days ago
This was great info. side note you sound a lot lie the character Jeff fisher on 'American Dad', once you hear it you cant unhear it. 😅
Mandolinic 6 days ago
Great video, Chris. Two questions please: When the original sealant stopped working, could you try another bottle and get another 10,000 miles out of it? Once you got the head off, could you have replaced the head gasket to make a permanent fix, or was the head block warping too great? Thanks!
BOB BOB 6 days ago
I know this is a tangent but I have seen firsthand where on a diesel with exaust gas recirculation it had all signs of a bad head gasket. Blue exaust test loosing coolant when warmed up. Ended up being the egr valve with a bad gasket.